About me

My name is Arik Yavilevich, I am a technological leader and entrepreneur. Previously I was the CTO of ClickTale, a company that I co-founded in 2006 based on disruptive technology that I developed. In just a few years, ClickTale grew from 0 to over 150 employees. During that time I filled different roles in the company, such as software development, architecture, CTO, VP R&D, CISO, IT, support, devops, operations and more.

I love technology and technological challenges. I especially enjoy working with other technical roles and leading technical teams to implement innovative and disruptive ideas.

Ten years later I have decided to move-on to new projects and fields. I created “AY Garage” as a place for me to experience new technologies, express myself and help others with their technological needs.

My interests are firmware development, electronics, web, security, VR, algorithms, agile development and more.

The views in this blog are personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of ClickTale.

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