Is one good “First post” on the blog better than two epic “First posts” in the head?

I think that, most often, doing something good is better than not doing something amazing. This is a motto of mine that I learned from experience. Most people will procrastinate, while working to make the deliverable better. While in reality, not making a deliverable at all. With this though in mind, I am writing “first post”. Don’t expect any drama.

Why a “blog”? I wanted a medium where I could put my thoughts online, and that it would be a medium that I control. I wanted a platform that is open and ad free, unlike twitter or facebook. A blog gives me such a framework on a domain that I control. I have copyright to the content and I can do anything I want here. It doesn’t mean that I won’t use this platform for short, twitter style, posts. It doesn’t mean that I won’t post links on other platforms. So this seems like a win-win for me.

What can you expect from this blog? You will find here thoughts and articles about technology, software development, start-ups, business, IT, security, etc. Expect concise and to the point material and comments as writing is not my favorite thing to do (“Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor, Not a MarCom“). Given current (work) load, I will be posting on some weekends and on vacations day, nothing frequent. Knowing myself, I will be posting about practical stuff that is mostly main stream.

So, go ahead, add this to you RSS reader or come visit from time to time.

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